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Jones Ave Artwork is located in Central Florida.

My Wife, Gaylord Perry, is a self taught artist
whose original artwork incorporates acrylic
paintings portraying wildlife and landscape
depictions, especially Florida scenes.

My original artwork is comprised of digital art
specializing in sci-fi landscapes and abstracts.

About Our Websites

We originally went into ecommerce with
an eBay Store and a website. Eventually we
closed the eBay Store but continued selling
on the eBay Gallery. We also kept our website open.

Our website, Jones Ave Artwork, is now 17 years old!
Did I hear fireworks!

Our two shops on that we managed on were Jones Ave Artwork and
Gaylord's Retro Shop. My Wife, Gay, passed away May 27, 2020. I didn't know
the clothes like she did so I closed the retro shop. And I didn't want to let any
of her paintings go anywhere so I closed the JAA art shop.

We are also on RedBubble.

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