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Jones Ave Artwork is located in Central Florida.

My Wife, Gaylord Perry, is a self taught artist
whose original artwork incorporates acrylic
paintings portraying wildlife and landscape
depictions, especially Florida scenes.

My original artwork is comprised of digital art
specializing in sci-fi landscapes and abstracts.

About Our Websites

We originally went into ecommerce with
an eBay Store and a website. Eventually we
closed the eBay Store but continued selling
on the eBay Gallery. We also kept our website open.

Our website, Jones Ave Artwork, is now TEN years old!
Did I hear fireworks!

Our main squeezes today are our two shops on
At our Jones Ave Artwork Etsy Shop, we have about eighty pieces
of artwork for sale, handmade paintings, prints, and greeting cards.
Also, Gaylord has a separate clothing shop :
Gaylord's Retro Shop
on Etsy, as well.

We also sell art on RedBubble.
And we dabble in blogging
as well on and

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